Chris Wahlheim

Chris is a first generation college graduate who earned an A. A. degree at Black Hawk College, and B.S. and M.S. degrees at Illinois State University. He completed his Ph.D. training and two Postdoctoral Fellowships at Washington University in St. Louis. He is an Assistant Professor of Psychology and the director of the Memory and Cognition (MAC) Lab at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro. His primary research interests are in memory, cognitive aging, and metacognition. He is pursuing projects in all of these areas and would be delighted to talk with bright motivated students about research opportunities in his lab.

Graduate Students

Sydney Garlitch

Sydney is a third-year graduate student in the Memory and Cognition Lab. She completed her B.S. in Psychology at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Sydney is broadly interested in studying memory and attention, especially in the aging population. She is currently studying how older and younger adults differ in their ability to separate and integrate information across episodes in memory. To relax, she practices yoga and goes thrift shopping.

Peter Lee

Peter is a second-year terminal masters student in the Memory and Cognition Lab. He graduated from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia in 2018 with a dual degree in B.S. in Biological Science and B.S. in Psychology. Peter is interested in learning more about memory processing from both psychological and biological perspectives using eye tracking and EEG. He plans to become a cognitive neuropsychologist in the future. Peter spends most of his free time either swimming, house cleaning, or coffee making.

Sydney Smith 

Sydney is a first-year terminal masters student in the Memory and Cognition Lab. She completed her B.S. in psychology in 2018 at UNCG. Her interests in cognitive psychology include working memory processes and attentional control. In her free time, Sydney enjoys photography, rock climbing, and hanging out with her pup.

Paige Kemp

Paige is a first-year graduate student in the Memory and Cognition Lab. She completed her B.S. in psychology at Stetson University in Deland, Florida. Paige is deeply interested in understanding the mechanisms underlying memory and forgetting processes and how these affect well-being. Outside of her studies, she enjoys playing competitive golf and going on adventurous hikes.

Research Assistants

Danni Brower

Danni is in her third year pursuing a B.S. in psychology and minor in chemistry. She is interested in pursuing a PhD in neuroscience and hopes to engage in her own independent research while in the MAC lab. Her research interests include inhibitory processes in cognition, cognitive differences in asymptomatic psychotic disorders, and natural products as complementary medicine. In her free time, she enjoys making highlight videos of Olympic weightlifting (вперёд Россия!), dabbling noncommittally in French, Russian, and comparative linguistics, and playing chase with her cat.

Christian Howard

Christian is a second year undergraduate at UNCG pursuing as B.S. in Psychology and a B.A. in Biology. He's in the lab to get experience with research as well as to get more knowledge about how memories are formed differently among people. Short-term, he plans to gain a solid base in cognitive psychology and then move on to a PhD in the same field. When he's not in the lab or in class, Christian often finds himself baking and video gaming.

Crystal Thinzar 

Crystal is a third-year international undergraduate student, pursuing a B.S in Psychology with a concentration in Pre-medicine and a minor in Chemistry. She is an aspiring psychiatrist who wishes to attend medical school after graduation from UNCG. She became more interested in Cognitive Psychology after learning about different disorders which either stems from or results in cognitive deficits. Her ultimate goal is to raise more awareness about mental health in the Asian community. In her free time, she likes to travel, explore different kinds of spicy food, and watch TV. 

Nahdira Rollins

Nahdira is a third year undergraduate student pursuing a B.A. in Psychology with a minor in American Sign Language. She is a member of the McNair Scholars Program and the Lloyd International Honors College at UNCG. She is interested in the influences of psychology in the fine arts. Nahdira's career goals are to get a PhD, and become a psychology professor. In her free time, she loves to read, watch movies, and spend time with her family.

Leah Sosnik

Leah is a second year undergraduate student at UNCG. She is pursuing a B.A. in psychology. She is interested in the way that people recall information and how that affects their actions. For now, her long term goals are to achieve a Master’s degree in Counseling with a concentration on Couple and Family Counseling. After she earns her Master’s degree, she hopes to open up her own practice in which she provides people with genuine therapy services. Outside of the lab, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family.

Analiese Thomas

Analiese is a second-year undergraduate at UNCG pursuing a B.A. in psychology with a minor in Spanish. She is fascinated by cognitive neuroscience and wants to learn more about memory and how it can change over time. Long-term, she hopes to obtain a masters degree in psychology. In her free time, she enjoys spending time outdoors, exploring coffee shops, learning foreign languages, and learning about environmental sustainability.

Luz Mejia

Luz is a fourth year undergraduate student working on her B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Chemistry following a Pre-Med track. She is a first generation student and is active in medical-related and Spanish/Latino affiliated groups and offices at UNCG, also with experience studying abroad in Spain during Fall 2018. She is interested in Memory Phase Cognition and how individuals differ in their cognitive memory skills in real world settings. In her free time she enjoys dancing to Spanish music and traveling. 

Lakinta Garner

Lakinta is a fourth-year undergraduate at UNCG pursuing a B.A. in Psychology. In the future she hopes to attain a PhD in Clinical Psychology and aspires to own a private practice providing therapy services. She joined the Memory and Cognition Lab to gain research experience and  further explore her interests in the cognitive field. In her free time, she enjoys reading and spending time with friends and family.

Symphany "Finn" Rayle

Finn is a transfer student from Guildford Technical Community College where she obtained her A.A. degree. She is now a fourth year undergraduate student at UNCG, as well a member of UNCG's Psi Chi. She is currently pursuing her B.S. degree with a minor in Sociology. Symphany is passionate about the way the human brain functions and the roll it plays throughout our lives. She plans to graduate in May of 2020 and continue on towards a M.A. degree after returning from a summer abroad in Europe. In her spare time, she enjoys pottery, reading mystery novels, video games and eating out with friends. 

Lexus Fisher

Lexus is a fourth year undergraduate student pursuing a B.S. in Psychology with a minor in Human Development and Family Studies. She joined our lab to gain experience with research and prepare for graduate school. She is interested in how the brain functions and how personal experiences change the way we process information. In the future, she hopes to earn a PhD in clinical or cognitive psychology. Outside of her studies you can find her binge watching Netflix or reading. 

Rachel Scott

Rachel is a second-year masters student at Union College who is volunteering with the UNCG Memory and Cognition Lab. She completed her B.A. in Psychology, Criminal Studies, and Sociology in 2018 at Salem College. She plans to pursue a Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience. Her research interests include the neural correlates of consciousness, memory and memory related disorders, visual consciousness, and perception. In her free time Rachel loves reading, painting, and programming video games.